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Just a Little End of the Year Round-Up

Plotter, Pantser, Scribbler, Scribe

Writing Is about the Right Words, not the MOST Words

Did Anyone "Invent" Science Fiction?

Much Ado about MFAs

Fairy Tales and the Fictionness of Fiction

Three (More) Great Books You Might Have Missed

Processing: How Calvin Kasulke Wrote Several People Are Typing

The Superhero in History Dilemma

Schrödinger's 100k Author Advance

Kicking Over the Ladder in Your Mind

For Sale: Kidney Story. Never Authorized.

Sales Numbers, Goodreads Reviews, and Other Ways to Drive an Author Mad

The Long, Messy Road To Publishing My Novel

Strange Methods: Zadie Smith's First Twenty Pages

Substack and the Return (?) of Serialized Fiction

On Rejections, Rejections, and Rejections

Everything I've Learned about Being a "Professional" Writer in One Post

The Plot Against Plotting

(Character) Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

No the CIA Didn't Invent "Show Don't Tell"

Maybe It's Time to Admit People Just Like Books?

Art Should Be a Doorway, Not a Mirror

Strange Methods: César Aira's "Flight Forward"

Strange Methods: Michael Moorcock's 3-Day Novel

Morality Plays and Goodreads Threats

Genre as Story Engine

Twin Peaks and Embracing Artistic Accidents

Chekhov’s Gundam

How Much Money Do Authors Actually Earn?

Gabagool and Malpropisms: Dialogue Lessons from The Sopranos

The Five-Car Metaphor Pile-Up

Is 5,000 a lot of books?

Novels and Novellas and Tomes, Oh My!

Three Books You Might Have Missed

A Long Post about Short Stories (and Magazines)

Some Words about Awards

Let's Blow Up Freytag's Pyramid

Genre Jargon: How the SFF and Literary Worlds Speak about Themselves and Each Other

Worldbuilding Doesn’t Need to Build Everything

The Value of Boring Sentences

Dumb yet Brilliant Books

Everyone Wants Art, No One Wants Artists to be Paid

Space on the Page: On Emphasis in Fiction

Invisible Architecture

Worldbuilding in the Real World

A Defense of Adverbs

Feeling Artists

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